Refer a Friend Feature for Glovo

An easy to use MGM feature for Glovo’s mobile application

DATE: 2018

01. Introduction

Glovo is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app.

02. Brief

Design a member get member (MGM) feature inside the Glovo app. MGM is a common feature in many applications where users get encouraged to share the app with their friends and in return, rewards both the sharer and the friend. The idea would be to reward the sharer and the friend with a free Glovo delivery.

03. Research

To start with, I looked at other products implementing referral functionality to analyse what they are doing well and what can be improved. I was mainly interested in understanding how their users interact with the feature, where it is placed in the app and what communication channels are used to send invites.

04. Solution

My goal was to make an MGM feature that:

  • Is visible to the user and not difficult to find
  • Is easy to use
  • Allows the user to refer a friend in as few steps as possible
  • Doesn’t ask the user for too many details
  • Allows the user to send the invite via email, sms or social media sharing

05. Execution

One interesting insight I got from my research is that when users complete a purchase they are “happy customers” and therefore more inclined to refer a friend.

Based on this and on the fact that the feature should easy to find, I’ve placed the MGM feature in the order confirmation screen. Let’s take a look at the flowchart and wireframes:


The feature allows the user (sharer) to send a free delivery code with a signup link by using the iOS or Android built in sharing services. The sharer can decide to send the code via text or email with a pre-populated message or by sharing it with a social media post. Once the code is sent, the sharer can continue to track his courier on the Glovo app. When the friend who received the code uses it to make a purchase with Glovo, the sharer receives a free delivery on his next order.